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please finish this game, it has potential 

Unfortunately it was just a prototype, it more or less got cannibalized and turned into another game if you'd like to try that out here:

I hope this game will get more updates 


Unfortunately not, but the concept is sorta being touched on in one of my other games, or will be in later updates.


Thats great to hear


como que usa aquele CUM tem que colcar 4 coins, eu peguei 60 coins e n consigo usar msm com o E.


Sorry, i have no idea what language that is and my auto translator is failing, @.@


as you use this CUM you have to put 4 coins, I have 60 coins and I still can't use it (I used the E command)

Oh, sorry, it was just a prototype, there were gonna be interactions but never got around to it, there's nothing you can actually do with it atm. It just gives a prompt for a future event that was gonna be in the next update.


Is it dead?


Yea, more or less sadly, it ended up being a great learning experience but had too many early dev issues, it has since been cannibalized into other projects, maybe someday ill get back to it if it ever gains any real interest. But for now, my patrons and followers requested and wanted other projects to take priority. Anywho, hope you like my other stuffs.


It certainly has potential and I'm definitely gonna eagerly wait more to it, but as of right now there's honestly very little reason to actually play it. One fairly big problem is that the mouse doesn't stay in the game window. I'd absolutely love to see this come to full fruition though.

Thanks and I will certainly improve, ill have to get back to this once i get further down with furry Hogwarts so atm it's sorta on the back burner but i'm glad you enjoyed this super early concept build, :3


Yeah, I'll happily wait. Though now I have to ask, what are the plans for furry Hogwarts?

well as the name implies, Hogwarts but a furry, mature, college version of it with plenty of nsfw stuffs, :3. Atm it's pretty basic but you can customize a character, get sorted into a house (owl, panther, bull and fox) and learn a few spells and register for classes. Seduce, use magic and power your way through the school. It's pretty barebones atm but it's steadily making progress and is currently my primary project. The only thing actually done with it so far is the intro scenes, the ability to customize a character, gain a few basic spells, some kinky plants to play with, get sorted into your house and a very basic lesson tutorial for a push spell oh and a nearly completed potion brewing ui and mini game that kinda resembles the potion brewing in lustful desires. I think i have the early concept vid of it somewhere in my computer.

Think the first 2 harry potter pc games but as a college, with pervy stuff and more, :3 

I definitely see the possibilities with this game. The only complaint, besides the incomplete content, is the hitbox size; If I'm looking at a door, then turn 90 degrees right, I will still see the GUI to access it.

lol, yea, was fairly new to ui, luckily i managed to fix that in my current projects. Thanks for playing, :D


will it ever be available on web?


As in playable on browser? Sure, shouldn't be too hard to have a converted version for browsers, :3


yay! thank you!!


This shows a lot of promise! It really reminds me of Morrowind and early 3D games in general, also the models look really impressive for being your first time. Hope you keep working on this!


Thanks! I fully intend to and am currently working on the next version which I wanna get out sometime this month, :D

Hey I wanted to let you know that when attempting to open the game on Mac, it said that it wasn’t updated for the latest version of MacOS. I hope that’s helpful.

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is it unplayable with that version?, I don't have a Mac to test it so I have no idea, :o

No worries, and yes it is unplayable. It won’t open at all.

Hmmm alrighty will have to test out a Mac patch next update, thanks for bringing this to my attention bud, :3

Glad to help.


i would like to see some piss in this game


Hmmm, might not be a bad addition, something to think about, :3

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So what about piss addition to this game


Might be something added onto later, still working on the second update for core mechanics and systems. Once the core mechanics are out of the way the more fun stuff can certainly be implemented, :3


Are you soon gonna add piss here?


Fetishes can't be controlled but jesus christ man, relax 


Looks great! Can't wait for some of that glory hole action in a future update, hopefully. ;p

thanks and yeah hope you enjoy the future updates too, :D


Looks good so far. The dice game seems to have its results different from the shown rolls though. Took me a while to realize there wasn't anything to do with the basement horsecocks.

Thanks and yea sorry, first time coding physics based dice, def need to clean them up, as for the horse peens nothing to do with those yet, coding and animating something fun for them now actually, :3

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I have absolutely zero comprehension of the controls for this game, and they aren't listed anywhere. It told me to hit E when I was hovering over the dice game, so I did, but I tried absolutely everything I could think of to get... out... of... that... screen... some... how... and ended up using ctrl+alt+del and ending the game. No idea what the fuck I'm supposed to be doing. This is definitely not even close to a visual novel. It looks more like a first person shooter, but without the shooting (as far as I know).

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Sorry about that, this was a timed competition and I...., I ran out of time, learning how to make a 3D is hard especially within a month. Needless to say a lot was left out due to the time constraint and it's not overly user friendly as a result.

Yea, no way out of the dice game unless you complete it make sure to talk to Borris to learn how to play, as for controls you're right i should have added a text or something to show what they were. For an update i'll def make a tutorial or something to help remedy that issue. But for a quick one month game dev comp i'm happy with how it came out. Just need to improve it now that the comp just ended yesterday/earlier today and I can finally take my time, breath and actually get a fully realized concept demo out, please be patient.

The controls are in the changelog, but Imma go add the controls to the desc now thanks for the input bud, :3

EDIT: Ok added the control scheme to the desc and here's a quick recap.


E: To interact with everything.

W, A, S, and D: for movements.

Esc: To go to main menu.

~: To toggle cheat console

How do you even open doors. the locked doors

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This is the very first build of a concept demo, not even a fully fledged demo just a basic semi-playable game idea, there's nothing beyond those doors hence them being locked. the only way to explore the unfinished areas past locked doors is to go to the testing area by press the tilda key ("~"), typing "t" and hitting enter to be ported to the testing area that allows access to portals to unfinished areas, :3

Once there are things past those doors, i'll make a lockpicking mini game to get past them, :3