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Shame there's not an option for riding him, lol!


Lol yea, i gotta get better at 3D before anything that fun, but certainly a fun idea for the futrue, :3


Will there gonna be piss fun in this game?


Nope, this was just a one off little test game, will be implementing it in one of my larger projects tho, :3


I mean for test purpose add there piss fluid


Try parenting the magazine directly to  the head bone and give it a bit more distance. 

I'm not sure what method you used for the cum ropes, but most cloth or soft body simulations tend to be somewhat buggy even in big budget titles. Maybe you can try a particle based approach with trail renders and simplified collision geometry?

The project turned out pretty neat overall, I definitely think it fulfills the role of a mini flash game admirably. One thing I'd like to see added into both this game and your bigger project are custom fonts and UI elements. Just a quick something to get rid of the default Arial typeface and white Unity menu bubbles would give the game a cleaner, finished look.

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Thanks Impy, the magazine is rigged to the head bone, though if imma be honest i need to re-rig, some things are a little wonky especially if i wanna canabalize this character for other projects.

For the cum ropes i just modeled a randomly mesh deformed cylinder that's bone rigged and using hingejoints to give it ragdoll like effects. Unity ragdoll is still something i'm trying to learn and get used to. I actually tried the collision based particles..., meh, they're ok but not exactly what i wanna have considering i intend to implement the ropes into other games later one but more highly modified. Atm they're very much a case of, "meh, it works for what i need it for right now in this single instance" sorta thing if that makes sense?, @.@. Plus i wanna make the cum ropes stick to surfaces which they do now that i can enhance later down the line so kinda why i went this route, :3

Also yea, ui is still semi new to me, it's actually a lot easier to code than i thought and i'll def be using dif fonts and back images in the future, :D!

Thanks for all the neat feedback, :3