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Hi bro, I tried that too and its really Amazing, all your projects shows your caring on creating them ❤️


lol, thanks, glad you like em, :D


please continue developing the game, its so hott... >w<

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sorry, it's been more or less canceled and cannibalized into a different project, maybe if you like this you'll like what it went into? Come give it a try here:

 se puede jugar en mac ? UwU

Nah, sadly its not for mac, but i might be able to turn Furlorn, the project that cannibalized this game into a port for mac down the line, :3

ah ok, pues estare ansioso probar, y gracias por tu respuesta :3

 se puede jugar en android?  ":3

Nope, sorry, more or less discontinued and will be reused in Furlorn, :3


That is very interesting, so I wish you the best of luck in each of your projects X3 

Thanks, hope yall keep liking my stuffs as i improve, ^.^

How optimized is this game? is an RX 560 4GB good?

Its fairly well optimized along with Furlorn, so both should run on fairly low-end specs, so give ti a try i guess?, :3

Hi. What is the "failed potion" in the list of available potions in the potion pot and why are the names of the potions copied there?

The failed potion is just a potion that wasn't successfully made into an intended potion. As for the names duplication, that's just a glitch, :3

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Oh, and one more question for now - what is that circle with statues made for? I mean, circle which is at the academy's territory, not that one which we see at the spawnpoint.

no particular reason, just testing out some things with those ones, but they don;t really do anything aside from look neat, :


is this going to be online?o.o

Maybe, im literally working on a 3d sorta chat room to learn networking, so might have tog et that done before hand but sure, i dont see why not, :3

the concept sounds really good... hogwarts insperation eh? wonder how crazy things will get, will npc's fire back will there be other spells like transfiguration
lastly will there be a dungeon/dangerous area for the player

glad you liked the concept. sure npcs will fire back, dueling and other combat scenarios and I intend to have a large host of spells ranging from transfiguration or destruction, restoration, alchemy, etc, as for dangerous areas of course, need to add a little difficulty, :3

Is this game for Android?

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Nope, not yet anyways, id have to program a ui interface just for android interactivity in place of key binds and mouse controls. So something a bit further down the line, :3


Thank you for the heads up:]

no prob, :3

Will not let me install it through the app . When I click to install the field for the install file is empty?

That's certainly odd, try refreshing and making sure your internet connection is stable then retry? Send a screenshot please if you can, :o


Is this game playable on Mac? If not, will it be someday soon?

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Should be possible to make a port, but i have no way to test it since i dont have a mac, :o

eu fico todo perdido nesse jogo, só tenho dois intens. para poçao, aonde eu acho os outros intens.? 

Sorry, i have no idea what language that is and my auto translator is failing, @.@


I’m all lost in this game, I only have two items. for potion where do I find the other items?

The only way to gain items in this extremely early prototype would be using the Apertum spell on chests to unlock them to get items or to use a cheat code, :3


This is a very interesting game. I think i  will have to donate to this, to show some support ^W^

Awww, that's sweet of ya but don't feel inclined to if the money can go to something more important. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, :D


Hey to me this is important to me anyways. been a fan of your content for a little while. 

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Lol, always nice to meet a fan, hope you keep liking my stuff in to the future, :D, ^.^


69 megabytes



I got an idea for new spell thats causing you targeted student to go pee right in front of you

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/lh yo, easy-there bear grylls.


Dude this is looking awesome!! even though it is still really early in development it looks soo good. I cant wait to see everything you have planned for it!


Thanks, glad you're enjoying it so far, :D

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I don't think there's an Android version :(
I don't think I was so lucky this time because I have an Android phone only

An android version is possible to make a port for but that would require some ui control mapping which i need to figure out. But i will be making an android and html5/browser ports in the future, :3

do you have sex scenes?

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Not yet, the only smexy thing is getting the students to jerk off and blow their loads, which can happen randomly when they're aroused enough or if the Libidine spell is used on them (added recently). I am hoping to get some in through the next update though. This project is still super early in development after all and literally still is a prototype, :3


is there gonna be a web version? 

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sure, tho I wouldn't recommend it, it'd be far slower than a downloaded version, :o

But I did get the ingame graphic settings up and running so shouldn't be too much of an issue now.




Looks promissing, can't wait to see more of this project. Keep up the good work!


Thanks, :3


Is there added any piss scenes?

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I already told you when you commented on Bara Blackjack devlog, there probably will be in the deeper more fetishy forests, but this is super early on in development so that may take a while to get to. There isn't even any sex scenes yet, still gotta get the core mechanics and stuff in before I can even attempt the more interactive sexy stuff, relax, :o


Ok sorry

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its fine bud, just be patient, this is super early and gonna take a while before I can get to that sorta stuff, gotta do the basics before I can explore the more advanced stuff, I do intend to make a forest with various more adventurous fetishes but that's a ways off due to just how early things are now, :3

For now, though my patrons have voted on what I need to focus on and atm those essentially pertaining to registration day and first of class and maybe some basic smexy stuffs of a more subdued nature. So that's my current objective atm, :3


I like how many bugs there are because it makes the game fun to explore. Obviously, they need to be fixed, but they're enjoyable until the game is further developed


lol can't be helped with a time-crunched prototype, XD But feel free to comment a few bugs you've found and were able to replicate and let me know how they occur, anywho thanks for trying it out, hope you enjoy it's later versions, :3

Actually better yet, please report the bugs to the bugs section of my discord so i cant forget them: :D


Reminds me a lot of those early 2000 harry potter games on PC, looks really promising, looking forward to playing more! 


Sweet, that's what I was going for! Wanna try to go for the early harry potter pc games but with pervy furry goodness. Glad you enjoyed it, ^.^


good job, keep going!


Thanks and I will, :D


pretty interesting prototype indeed


Thanks, i hope you enjoy the later versions as well, :3


Is it renpy? Then it would be playable on mobile with joiplay

No it's Unity which can also port to Mobile but i'd have to code some ui controls so that'll be a bit down the line, :3


.///. Cool

Thanks, :D